Originally created 12/21/02

Is grateful for moving memorial

This letter is a reply to Edwin R. Knight's Nov. 22 letter, "Disrespectful display of memorial," concerning the Vietnam Veteran Moving Wall Memorial. I am a Vietnam veteran, too. I served with the 1st Calvary Division. I was in A Company, 1st Battalion, 7th Calvary under the command of Lt. Col. Hal Moore.

On Nov. 30, members of the 1st Calvary Association, CSRA Chapter, had a wreath-laying ceremony at the memorial.

My dear friend, Rebecca Gell Workentine, was there to help place the wreath. We were there to honor her late husband, Jack Gell, along with other soldiers who were killed in the Ia Drang Valley Battle.

I was with these men in the battle; they were my brothers. Every name on that wall is special to someone. There are many people who will never be able to go to Washington, D.C., and see the wall. This moving wall is a wonderful tribute to all the soldiers who were killed in Vietnam.

I am baffled by Mr. Knight's remarks about the disrespectful display of the memorial. Apparently, Mr. Knight has never been to the Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington. Vendors and displays are everywhere.

So there was a barbecue cook-off on the other field? It certainly did not interfere with our ceremony, nor did it bother us. We did not see anything nor did we feel there was anything disrespectful with the way the fields were set up.

Barbara Daniels and all the volunteers did a wonderful job. I want to thank her and Columbia County for bringing the moving wall to the Central Savannah River Area.

John Rangel Jr., Hephzibah, Ga.


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