Originally created 11/30/02

Affluent Americans can save jobs

Often, when we think of those in spiritual need, we think of the poorest of citizens and those who have been disenfranchised.

Have church evangelistic groups concentrated their efforts in the wrong neighborhoods? Should they have gone into the most affluent neighborhoods? The most affluent residents control the wealth of this nation, and the laws that allow them to flourish.

The United States is reluctant to stop the flood of illegal immigrants into this country. There are many industries that thrive on illegal immigrants and extends an open invitation to unskilled labor. By hiring illegals, corporate America avoids the cost of paying basic employee benefits.

Many manufacturing companies continue to relocate to foreign labor markets for cheap labor. At the expense of depleting the income of domestic workers, they think they can increase their profits and stockholders' dividends.

If we could soften corporate America's stone hearts, we should be able to decease homelessness, violent crime, drug trafficking and domestic abuse. If CEOs would share their six-figure incomes with their employees, we could all share in this country's wealth. If corporations keep their doors open, we could read "Made in America" on the labels of clothes we wear.

Because of greed, corporate America is rushing to foreign labor markets while eliminating the domestic working class from the exchange of goods and services. Those still able to participate are becoming more thrifty shoppers and are buying goods only at the sale price. Immigrant workers often send their earned income back to their native homes. As a result, retailers suffer and stores close.

By maintaining jobs for the working class, we maintain domestic purchasing power, and increase revenue for profit and taxable income. The solution lies within the hearts of the most affluent Americans.

Roy Ellis, Augusta


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