Originally created 11/30/02

Agrees with writers about Corps

I read with great interest both Jerry Clontz's letter of Nov. 12, "Proposal for Thurmond Lake levels," and Bob Cipperly's letter of Nov. 19, "Why don't area officials care about the lake?" I agree with both gentlemen.

The officials of Lincoln County evidently don't agree with Mr. Cipperly's revelation about lowering property values around the Thurmond Lake, because they have recently reassessed all the property of the county and have increased the valuation of lake-front property from 500 to 1,000 percent.

In addition, they added boat docks to their assessment, and many docks are more than 100 yards from any water.

This leads me to believe that not only does the Corps of Engineers care less about the people who use Lake Thurmond for pleasure and recreation, but officials of Lincoln County want to overtax residents of lake property so that only the very rich can afford to maintain a residence or buy this property in the future.

Kenneth Koone, Lincolnton, Ga.


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