Originally created 11/30/02

Prove them wrong

A year ago, when it became clear that market forces and evildoers would do more damage to the economy than we ever dreamed of, President George W. Bush and this newspaper, in our own ways, urged Americans to take steps to protect the economy.

The president asked us to go about our business with confidence and faith, shaking off fears of terrorism.

And in a campaign that ultimately spanned much of the nation, The Chronicle exhorted readers to "Invest in America."

The two entreaties are as relevant a year later.

We still face fears of terrorism. The economy still needs help. And on the busiest shopping weekend of the year, it's more than relevant to reflect on what our spending does for the nation as a whole.

What amount of the economy do they say consumers account for these days - two thirds? Whatever it really is, it's a huge chunk. The fact is, the economy can't get anywhere if consumers don't nudge it along.

Experts expect a 4-percent increase in Christmas shopping this year. Let's prove them wrong. Let's do even better. Let's continue investing in America.


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