Originally created 11/30/02

William Who?

How quick the glory fades.

Thankfully, when a broadcaster in England polled the country on exactly who its greatest citizen in history was, Winston Churchill won handily. No one else was even close.

But some of the other results were unbelievable.

You have to wonder if Princess Diana, however kind and popular, truly belongs in third place - above William Shakespeare and Charles Darwin.

And Sir Isaac Newton.

Further, the phone poll put Beatle John Lennon at No. 7 - as being a greater Briton than Queen Elizabeth I and Adm. Horatio Nelson.


You also have to wonder if certain people should be allowed the use of telephones, when rock singer Boy George makes the top 100 Britons of all time, at No. 47.

Punk Rocker Johnny Rotten's 87th place thrilled his fans, but must have horrified enthusiasts of Geoffrey Chaucer, King Henry VIII and William the Conqueror, who didn't even show up on radar.

"Glory is like a circle in the water,

"Which never ceaseth to enlarge itself,

"Till by broad spreading it disperse to nought."

Quick! Who wrote that: Princess Diana or Bill What's-his-name?


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