Originally created 11/28/02

Liberals only care for themselves

Liberals in this country are a bunch of complainers and hypocrites caring for nothing except themselves. They say they believe in freedom of speech, but if you talk about something that doesn't fit their mandate, they complain. They say they believe in democracy and are the party of the people, but that is a lie. The majority of Americans can believe in one thing and support their president, but the liberals use falsehoods to deny him and slander him.

They dictate to conservatives, saying they should be "politically correct," while they say whatever. They say they want to protect America, but when they get into office, they start gutting the military and weakening our national security. They blame the economy on the president, knowing full well it has nothing to do with him.

They are the party that doesn't allow U.S. companies to prosper, by all the taxes and red tape. While the majority of Americans support President George W. Bush, liberals say they still speak on behalf of Americans. They should at least be honest and say they support only liberals...

I thought democracy was for all views to have a chance to be heard, and votes are the means of determining the outcome. Liberals say if you don't think like us, then you're a brainwashed, intellectually deficient person.

If a liberal is for democracy and for the freedom of expression and speech, how can he then turn around and treat people badly if they don't agree with him? This shows a whining and immature philosophy that basically makes him out to be a hypocrite. This undermines what he says he stands for and weakens his cause.

Tim Monaco, North Augusta, S.C.


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