Originally created 11/28/02

Start recycling, Augusta

I am writing to encourage the citizens of the Central Savannah River Area to participate more actively in the local curbside recycling program. It is very sad to see so few recycling bins lining the streets on trash-collection days.

Many items are recyclable, and the citizens of the CSRA are unaware that they can be recycled. Newspapers, magazines, cardboard boxes, cereal boxes, aluminum soda cans, tin cans, all kinds of plastic containers, glass and junk mail are the most common items that can be recycled. If you are unsure, please look for the triangular arrow sign on the item, which identifies it as being a recyclable item. Then, if you are still unsure, you can call the company that handles the recycling for your neighborhood.

I strongly encourage all citizens of the CSRA to recycle household goods. A great amount of waste in our landfills can be eliminated by recycling items at home. Every week, our family has more items in our recycling bin than in our trash can, so it is possible to make a difference by recycling.

Ann Chan, Augusta

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