Originally created 11/21/02

Rants and Raves

Comments from readers:

THIS IS A RANT for Bob Young. He is against poor people. I am voting for Ed McIntyre because he is for all people.

THIS IS A RANT for the 40 percent of the voters who voted for Ed McIntyre. Are you crazy? You voted for a felon, someone convicted of fraud while he held the office of mayor. Why would you do this all over again? It is like a farmer using a fox to protect his chickens. Will you please stop voting because of color and vote for honesty?

THIS IS A RANT for Ed McIntyre. Remember when he said he would never run for office again the last time he lost? I hope Augusta is smart enough to not elect him. Can you imagine the negative publicity we would get if the national press got a hold of the news that Augusta chose an ex-felon for mayor? Augusta is smarter than that.

THIS IS A RANT for all the people in Augusta and Columbia County who are so down on a black being in power. Ed McIntyre should be mayor. Bob Young had his time. Quit crying because black folks are trying to get ahead.

I AGREE WITH Don Cheeks' decision to join the Republicans. The Democratic Party turned its back on him.

THIS IS A RANT. Augusta had almost turned into another Gary, Ind. If McIntyre couldn't run the job honestly when he had it before, he won't run it any better now. But to say he is a proven leader, if you want to move Augusta foward, McIntyre is no way to go.

THERE IS ONE THING that they say is wrong when a man moves from the Democrats to the Republicans. He left what was wrong and went to what is correct.

WE NEED to vote Bob Young out. I did not like the way he did Ronnie Few. We do not need a man like him. Vote Ed McIntyre in.

THE MORE I read the letters to the editor about the mayoral race, the more I realize that anyone who votes for Bob Young does so because Ed McIntyre is black, not because he is a convicted crook.

GO BOB GO! I live in Columbia County. If I could vote for him, I would. I think he has done a wonderful job. I hope he wins.

THIS IS YOUR friendly local server again. It is tightwads like you who run us to death and still don't leave a tip.

I WANT Garfield back.

THE NEWSPAPER is reporting that the students in Iran are rioting. What for? Separation of church and state. This is something our president and his religious right allies are trying to weaken and apparently destroy. They may succeed, too, not far from now.

INSTEAD OF subtracting the old comics, why don't you just add a page?

I DRIVE THE Augusta-to-Aiken trek every day. I see abandoned vehicles all the time in Aiken County that sit there for days. As of today, Nov. 13, a car has been sitting on the exit ramp of Exit 18 for two weeks. Why are these vehicles not towed after a reasonable amount of time for the owner to retrieve? Abandoned vehicles never sit that long on Georgia roads.

A BIG RAVE to Kicks 99 for putting on the annual Guitar Pull for needy children. The concert was great, and it was a sellout. A big rant for the civic center management for not having any kind of musical entertainment. I remember the years when we had all kinds of musical concerts. What has happened? Is it poor/bad management? Maybe we need new management.

A BIG RAVE for the direct-patient-care staff at Georgia Regional Hospital for its tireless work. It is just as well that the other community hospitals no longer work with the mentally ill; they do not show them the respect they deserve.


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