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Be like Bond

Here's the bad news. An Aston Martin V12 Vanquish, similar to the car James Bond takes for a high-speed spin in the new 007 caper Die Another Day comes with a heart-attack-inducing price tag that hovers around $235,000. The super-spy's watch, a special edition Omega Seamaster, will ring up for about $2,200, and his so-blue-it's-black Brioni tuxedo will probably cost close to $5,000.

The good news? Bond's $200 razor, $300 cell phone and $20 Finlandia vodka, his current shaken-not-stirred beverage of choice, seem like a real steal.

Here are some of the products that are either tied to or featured in Die Another Day.


NORELCO 8894XL RAZOR: Nothing, evidently, says James Bond like a close shave. The fictional agent's whisker weapon of choice features an adjustable personal-comfort setting, 100 minutes of shaving time on a single charge, a retractable trimmer and a digital readout that informs would-be Bonds how long they have left on a charge, how long their last shave took and whether the razor is ready for a cleaning.

ASTON MARTIN V12 VANQUISH: Every Aston Martin is hand-built, which makes watching Bond's bashed-and-bullet-riddled model a bit painful. Those enthusiasts who want to show the secret agent how the car should be cared for will have to wait, however. Orders for the luxury sports car are currently taking about 18 months to fill.

SPECIAL EDITION FORD THUNDERBIRD: Only 700 of these T-Birds, modeled after the spy car driven by Bond girl Jinx (Halle Berry) in Die Another Day, will be produced. The red, white and vroom tribute to the glory days of American muscle cars comes with a healthy sticker price, about $38,000, but owners will rest easy knowing that its distinctive hue matches Ms. Berry's bikini from the film.

REVLON 007 COLOR COLLECTION: Although often considered a showpiece for a variety of toys for boys, the latest Bond film also has a tie-in for prospective Bond girls. Revlon has released a collection inspired by James Bond movies, past and present. The products include limited-edition color kits with pallettes that take cues from classic Bond movies, including Diamonds Are Forever, From Russia With Love and Goldeneye, as well as two lines for women wanting to ape the looks of the current crop of Bond women.

FINLANDIA VODKA: Nothing says James Bond quite like a cold martini. For years, those shaken-not-stirred concoctions counted on Smirnoff, but in a marketing upset, vodka underdog Finlandia has taken over to become the super-spy's liquor love.

OMEGA SEAMASTER: The Holy Grail among Bond fans, the 007 edition of this sleek Swiss timepiece is as hard to come by as an apologetic evil genius. The watch feature a subtle 007 logo motif, but, unfortunately, no laser or emergency beacon. Even without the swell secret- agent features, the watch is a rare find.

ERICSSON T68I CELL PHONE: It's no secret James Bond loves his gadgets. The super-small T68i allows the spy to e-mail, shoot digital photos, surf the Web and, in a pinch, make a phone call.

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