Originally created 11/21/02

Democrats have forced one-party rule on us

The once-great Democratic Party is now in shambles and disarray, without vision or hope for its future.

The party of Roosevelt and Truman achieved great things, such as ending the Great Depression and winning World War II. Those were the days when party leaders had moral character and decency, with the middle class and the poor always in the forefront.

What a contrast and disappointment to today. Multimillionaires such as Terry McAuliffe, the Clintons, Ted Kennedy, Al Gore, John Edwards and John Kerry now dictate the party's present strategy. They do not even have an inkling how the elderly and the poor are struggling in today's economy.

Do they have to buy their clothes in Wal-mart, get shoes at Payless or scan the grocery chain ads to find the "buy one, get one free" items? Of course not - and they couldn't care less.

The main concern of the elderly and poor is urgent legislation relating to health care, prescription drugs, energy, minimum wages, Medicare and Social Security solvency.

These important pieces of legislation have been constantly and blatantly blocked and torpedoed without a vote by the majority Democratic Senate.

The two-party system has always been essential for the balance of power in a healthy democracy. Thanks to the Democratic leadership, however, we now have only one party - Republican - controlling the administrative, legislative (both Senate and House) and judicial (Supreme Court) branches. In fact, the entire government!

Hopefully, under the present circumstances, President George W. Bush will govern with the needs, desires and expectations of the American people in mind.

Albert F. Kotras, Augusta


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