Originally created 11/21/02

Strollers and mommies aren't going anywhere

I am writing in response to the two women complaining about the strollers at the craft show. First of all, if they were really enjoying the show, they would not be worried about the strollers. Parents with strollers are nothing compared to the number of people who attend this event. Some of us mothers have to work and do not wish, on our weekend off, to send our children once again to a sitter. There is nothing wrong with enjoying both the area events and our children together.

As far as the babies having a good time, my 7-month-old loves to ride in the stroller and see new faces and places. My 7- and 8-year-olds love to look at crafts and see what people create. The most important thing is that they are getting a day out with mommy.

It is really sad, when women go through so much these days, that we are fighting over strollers. The fact of the matter is the strollers and the mommies are not going anywhere.

Heather Powers-Snyder, Martinez, Ga.

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