Originally created 11/21/02

'Chronicle' uses questionable journalism

The headline at the top of the Nov. 16 front page reads, "Palestinian attack on Israelis kills 12." The large photo beneath the headline shows an Arab boy and a young Arab man running down a street, a tank behind them, while "defying an Israeli curfew ... in Nablus."

It was a dramatic photo, but the attack didn't take place in Nablus. It happened in Hebron. What did the photo have to do with the attack?

Images have more impact than words. Your image of two Arabs running from an Israeli tank will linger longer than the words above the image (or below it: "Militant group injures 15 in ambush").

The Chronicle's editorials have been supportive of Israel, for which you are to be applauded, and I am sure you mean well in your choice of words and photos. However, the Nov. 16 paper seemed to me a questionable exercise in journalistic professionalism.

Steve Kohn, Hephzibah, Ga.

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