Originally created 11/20/02

Protect U.S. sovereignty by supporting Helms-DeLay bill

If you care about the future of America, if you care about our nation's safety and security, if you care about our men and women in the military, it is crucial that you support the "American Sovereignty Project."

U.S. Sen. Jesse Helms, R-N.C., and House Majority Whip Tom DeLay, R-Texas, are sponsoring a bill called the American Service Members Protection Act. It is the only bill that will safeguard American soldiers and citizens from the International Criminal Court.

Without this bill, no U.S. soldier or U.S. citizen on trial will have the protections provided by the U.S. Constitution.

Former President Bill Clinton got us into this U.N. kangaroo court by signing a treaty with the United Nations back in 2000 to establish the International Criminal Court. Now Sen. Helms and Rep. DeLay are fighting tooth and nail to get us out of it.

With American soldiers already at risk overseas, it's urgent that we get this bill passed in the next few weeks, before the fate of any U.S. soldier or American citizen is placed in the hands of an anti-American U.N. court.

The ICC will be composed of 18 judges selected by U.N.-member nations, who are openly hostile to the United States.

Do you honestly think a U.S. soldier would get a fair trial from a court composed of judges from Iran, Syria and the Sudan? The answer is no!

President George W. Bush supports this bill. Our soldiers are risking their lives in Afghanistan right now, and it looks as if Iraq will soon be the next place they may be sent.

If you want to protect our U.S. soldiers and even American citizens from this dangerous U.N. court, won't you please write or call your congressmen and urge them to vote for the American Sovereignty Project?

Mildred W. McNair, Aiken, S.C.


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