Originally created 11/20/02

The continuing growth of entitlements is ruining nation

When a voting population can require increasing benefits for themselves from government, and the politicians give in to these demands in order to be elected, then our nation surely is in peril.

The liberal, socialist leaning of the Democratic Party leadership has brought the word "entitlement" to a higher level than the word "responsibility." Personal responsibility has been degraded to a large extent by trial lawyers and the liberal courts.

On one hand there is the great debate over medical services or the lack thereof, and the "new entitlement" to free drugs.

On the other hand, the Democrat-voting trial lawyers are driving doctors out of business because of excessive malpractice suits and premiums. I thought Democrats are for the working people.

Their misleading party propaganda is successful in capturing the ignorant bloc vote - without which they would be a minority party.

The trend toward more socialistic government control keeps growing with the help of the politically blind, union bosses, trial lawyers, socialist college professors and the great liberal media who refuse to question any outrageous statement by the left, but stand by when free speech is denied to a conservative speaker on campus.

If we don't hold onto our individual liberty, personal responsibility and common sense, then God save our children. Also, keep a wary eye on the United Nations and its attempt for a one-world government - it will finally enslave us all.

S.G. von Schweinitz, Appling, Ga.


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