Originally created 11/20/02

Critiques letter supporting McIntyre

Regarding the letter on Nov. 15 by Robert A. Daniels about Ed McIntyre, I offer a point-by-point critique:

Mr. Daniels speaks of Mr. McIntyre's "leadership to build the Augusta-Richmond County Civic Center." It was built in one of the least accessible and unsafe nighttime sites in Augusta.

"He provided the vision that led to Augusta's Riverwalk." What funds were used? The city water works went to pot.

"He provided two railroad overpasses to ease congested traffic." Just how did Mr. McIntyre prepare for, supply or afford this feat?

Mr. Daniels goes on to state that Mayor Bob Young "divided the city along racial lines ... and allowed south Augusta to slip into ruin." Credit this to the Walker and "Three Stooges" camp and the setup of the consolidated government. Sen. Charles Walker, D-Augusta, is gone but his legacy lingers on in the persons of the stooges on the commission.

There is much to be said about Mr. Young and Mr. McIntyre - both pro and con. But the definitive point to remember is that the mayor represents all of Augusta-Richmond County, and that Bob Young is not a felon convicted of a crime involving moral turpitude.

Jerome R. Singer, Augusta


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