Originally created 11/19/02

Rants and Raves

Comments from readers:

TO THE PERSON who categorized African-Americans as the people who do not buckle up their kids, look around. Plenty of people don't have their kids buckled these days, whether they are black, white, Hispanic, Asian or whatever. It sounds as if you pick out a black person and look in their car just to see if they have kids in there who are buckled or not.

THIS IS FOR the man who says he is a Bulldogs fan. If you are a true Georgia fan, you would stick by them in good times and in bad. This is one of Georgia's best years, and I would like to say I am a true Bulldogs fan because I have supported them through thick and thin.

MY RANT IS for the conservative talk-show host who continually makes fun of Bill Clinton bombing an aspirin plant while no one mentions that George Bush bombed a wedding party. But you know, George Bush is right up there with God and does no wrong.

THIS RANT IS against the people who continually refer to the locomotive operator as the conductor. The engineer is the person who operates the engine at all times and should be recognized.

I HAVE A a rave about the Augusta Lynx. Thank God we have David Wilkie. I feel like, if he wasn't our coach, we would lose the Lynx hockey team.

TO THE REV. Clarence Moore and the Rev. K.B. Martin: Have you decided where you are going to spend your 30 pieces of silver?

THIS IS A rant for area restaurants. People who are on salt-free or low-salt diets must stay at home. Why put salt shakers on the tables? Everything is too salty.

I WOULD LIKE for Augusta to put some street lights on Phinizy Road. It is black. You can hardly see in front of your hand. People who walk up and down the street are at risk of being hit. I appreciate your help.

THE MOTTO FOR University Hospital should be: "Insist on University for everything except mental health care."

I HAVE A RANT for the person who complained about a three-hour wait at the Medical College of Georgia Hospital emergency room. Anyone who wants to rant should rant at the HMO, which dictates how often and how long doctors can see their patients. Doctors would love more time with their patients, but the HMOs have messed that up.


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