Originally created 11/19/02

Officials don't care about lake

Jerry Clontz's Nov. 12 letter regarding "Proposal for Thurmond Lake levels" was not only well thought-out and technically relevant, it put the whole problem in proper perspective.

What I can't understand is why all the local officials of all government bodies around the Thurmond Lake area have not been active in this endeavor. It is not just the business and property values that have been hurt - and hurt badly. There are tens of thousands of local boaters, campers and fishermen who have been affected.

While searching for ramps where I can launch my boat, I have talked with many people searching for the same thing. On my block alone, there are four out of six families within a half block of my house who have been denied recreation at the lake. Campsites that once were fairly well utilized are now vacant. Many of these sites were used by out-of-area RVers and "full timers." The full effect of what the Corps of Engineers has done has probably affected well over 100,000 people. The domino effect on businesses has to be devastating.

When the marinas and the boat sales and service businesses go belly up, what effect will that have on long-range economics for the counties around the lake? Does anyone care?

Bob Cipperly, Evans, Ga.


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