Originally created 11/19/02

McIntyre will get Augusta moving again

Ed McIntyre's health is just one more specious argument raised by people who never intended to vote for him to be Augusta's mayor anyway. He has explained many times that he deliberately lost 50 pounds and recently had surgery, which resulted in additional weight loss.

Talk show host Austin Rhodes has gone so far as to predict that Ed McIntyre will be dead in four years. Perhaps he will be dead in four years, but that is true of any one of us. Tomorrow is promised to no one. We all just live our lives one day at a time.

Mr. McIntyre's leadership skills and abilities tower over those of Mayor Bob Young.

Augusta is leaderless and visionless; however, on Nov. 26, we will have the opportunity to change that. I urge you to return to the polls and elect Ed McIntyre mayor. Get Augusta moving again.

Richard Burkeen, Augusta


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