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IRS seeks refund owners

The Internal Revenue Service could be looking for you. This time, though, it's the one that owes the money.

"There're refunds every year that for whatever reason never make it to the person that it belongs to," said Eric Erickson, of the IRS office in Atlanta. The IRS is looking for many residents who still have unclaimed 2001 tax returns. For the Augusta area on the Georgia side, unclaimed refunds total $59,628 and range from $2 to $8,305. South Carolina numbers were not available.

Statewide, there are more than 2,900 taxpayers who are owed a total of $2.1 million. Nationwide, more than 96,000 people are owed $80 million.

Taxpayers who have undelivered refunds should call the IRS in Atlanta at (800) 829-1040. Local residents who haven't claimed their returns include:

William E. Rucker, Augusta; Andre J. Smith, Augusta; Columbia A. Beverly, Augusta; Pascha T. Emmons, Augusta; Mary G. Oyeleye, Augusta; Christopher K. Young, Augusta; Mary Hallman, Augusta; Laura Loftis, Augusta; Christopher M. Crowley, Augusta; Rodriquez Roberts, Augusta; Melinda D. Patterson, Augusta; Pauline Constantine, Augusta; Penelope Constantine, Augusta; Derick Hayes, Augusta; Christopher T. Williams, Augusta; Walter W. Bauknight, Augusta; David N. Owens, Augusta; Jetamie Oatman, Augusta.

Also: Brian C. Harris, Augusta; Dianne B. White, Augusta; Joe L. Green, Augusta; Jasper Jones, Augusta; Melton Brimfield Jr., Augusta; Travis T. and Eugenia S. Roberts, Augusta; Linda W. Davis, Augusta; Thai Q. and Tuyet T. Nguyen, Augusta; Anita M. Span, Augusta; Manel Silva, Augusta; Donald F. Harden, Augusta; Lynn A. Ward, Augusta; Wille Brown, Augusta; Dianna L. Laws, Augusta; Samuel E. Evans, Augusta; William H. Holden III and Jennifer L. Holden, Augusta; Macaro Martin, Augusta; Creighton N. Zodrow, Augusta; Kenneth Youmans, Augusta; Ricky Jones, Augusta; Byung K. Chon, Augusta; Jeremiah Mccallister, Augusta; Corey B. Ferguson, Augusta; Tina M. Weldy, Augusta; Juwan A. Thomas, Augusta.

Also: Derrick Winfrey, Augusta; Tony J. Hamm, Augusta; Jimmy E. and Cynthia P. White, Augusta; Daniel E. Forbes, Augusta; Alexis M. Tarnovsky, Augusta; Jobie M. Smith, Augusta; Martin W. Rogers, Augusta; Victor Lavarnway, Augusta; Jeremy L. Carley, Augusta; Rivera Eduardo Diaz, Augusta; Shamaal M. Price, Augusta; Jennifer L. Yates, Augusta; Sondra Betsch, Augusta; Alonzo Q. Bradley, Augusta; Michael G. Abraham, Augusta; Joshua A. Scritchfield, Augusta; Alicia Y. Canady, Augusta; Mack C. Littleton, Augusta; Mildred Clark, Augusta; Thomas W. Crawford, Augusta; Edward F. Pardue, Augusta; James D. Halbert, Blythe; Hilda W. Phinizy, Evans; Danny A. Hopkins, Evans.

Also: Bridget and Curtis Barry McCladdie, Evans; Tammy D. Holt, Grovetown; Ethel D. Madison, Grovetown; Gerald W. Mathis, Hephzibah; Verzelle Covington, Hephzibah; Suzanne M. Marshall and Thomas M. Marsh, Hephzibah; Jerry F. Hockman, Hephzibah; Charles M. Null, Hephzibah; Cassie Lewis, Hephzibah; Edward P. Lucas, Hephzibah; Matachi L. Palmer, Hephzibah; Sharon Thompson, Hephzibah; Sae Nak and Soon Jung Choi, Martinez; Ashley Kalakikos, Martinez; Brandon K. Zapata, Martinez; Jessica C. Lucas, Martinez; Georgia A. Cullars, Thomson; Pleaze W. Belcher, Aiken; Debora Berlin, Aiken; George Bush, Aiken; Elaine Day, Aiken.

Also: Sanford Ford, Aiken; Ernest and Minnie R. Holloway, Aiken; Michele D. Reeves, Aiken; Andrew S. Risinger, Aiken; Albert L. Simmons III, Aiken; Serge P. and Christine A. Charles, North Augusta; Eleanor D. Coles, North Augusta; Jackie T. Craps Jr., North Augusta; Gordon B. and Patsy A. Crawford, North Augusta; Lewis Davenport, North Augusta; Lester Day, North Augusta; Jasper Green, Belvedere; Yana S. Isaac, North Augusta; Michael L. Lamar, North Augusta; Shirley L. Lee, North Augusta; Daniel N. Nelson, North Augusta; Floyd Goodwin, North Augusta; Arthur N. Washington, North Augusta; Christopher J. Armstrong; North Augusta; Frank Fargis and Dorothy Smith, North Augusta; and Matthew N. Gurley, North Augusta.

Reach Preston Sparks at (706) 828-3904.


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