Originally created 11/18/02

Rants and Raves

Comments from readers:

A BIG RAVE FOR the terrific Veterans Day celebration at Midland Valley High School. The student performers and guest speaker were just outstanding.

WHY IS IT you never hear about the deadbeat moms who abandon their kids and don't pay child support to the dads? It is OK if they run off and commit adultery and nothing is ever said. But if we did, we would be dogs and would have to pay child support through the nose. We single dads have to live with it. It really hurts the kids.

WHY IS IT that Hooters can be sued vast sums of money for faxing advertisements, but companies can legally fill my mailbox with ads, place fliers on my windshield, leave commercial messages on my cell phone, inundate me with ads on my computer and bother me with telemarketing calls? I'm just wondering.

I'M SURPRISED the obvious answer to Martha Burk's vendetta against the Augusta National and Hootie Johnson hasn't been brought up by someone else. So I will do it myself. All we have to do is tell her doctor to stop administering testosterone and give her a bottle of estrogen with refills.

BEFORE VOTING for mayor, Augustans should take a look at North Augusta. The mayor has integrity and honesty. He's a respected businessman and a man of faith. He and the city council have the best interest of the city in mind, not their own agenda. Just look at what they have accomplished. It shows what people working together can accomplish.

ALL THIS TALK about the Augusta National: Has anybody noticed that the same thing they are saying about letting women into this club is the same thing that Mississippi was saying about letting James Meredith into the University of Mississippi?

THIS IS FOR the women who rant about roadside memorials. My son's girlfriend was unexpectedly killed at 21 years of age on the interstate on which he drives to work each day. The day after her death, he built her a cross memorial, which helped him deal with his grief.

THIS IS A rant to all the politicians who try to divide us. True, America is a country of many colors and we come from many different ways of life, but on Nov. 5 we were all united as Americans, exercising our right to vote. When will you understand you can't divide us? You see, we of many colors will not allow you to divide us. We are the rainbow, we are the color wheel, we are America and we are harmony.

THIS IS A rave to the person who picked up the gray calico kitten on Wrightsboro Road. God bless you for your help. And to the person who carelessly threw the kitten out, what comes around, goes around. God saw what you did to one of his creatures.

THIS IS A rant for the Department of Transportation: On Highway 25 going to Statesboro, they have been working on that one section for seven years and it hasn't been completed. At that rate it will take 70 years for all that to be completed between here and Statesboro. Something needs to be done.

THIS IS A rant for the cop who decided to pull me over for illegal window tint, but the car in front of me that was speeding in the rain decided to run through a traffic light because he was going too fast for conditions and hit another car.

PLEASE PASS ON to Hootie Johnson that all of the golfers I know, including a large majority of female golfers, support Hootie in his decision. It is time us to quit letting political correctness control our lives and even our thoughts. Who decides what is or is not politically correct? I think it is time to dissolve the Political Correctness Commission.

IF THERE IS a seat-belt law, then why do you see truckloads of people riding in the back of the truck, and nothing is done about the absence of seat belts? It is just as important, and it is the law for me to buckle up, and it is for everyone else, no matter what area of the vehicle they are riding in.


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