Originally created 11/18/02

Echoes sentiment about craft show

I agree with Jean Strein's Nov. 12 letter, "Craft show is no place to bring strollers." The Christmas Made in the South craft show is no place for baby strollers.

My friends and I look forward to this event every year, however trying to get down the aisles and through the crowd is hard enough without the presence of hundreds of strollers. It only takes about two hours to attend the show and I, too, believe mothers could find a sitter for that long.

Don't get me wrong; I love children. I'm in the day-care business. But this can't be a pleasant experience for babies. Ladies should treat themselves to a few hours of relaxed browsing at the show and make other arrangements for the children. Please.

Sherrie Barefield, Waynesboro, Ga.


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