Originally created 11/16/02

The choice is clear, the time is now

In a last-ditch effort to get an inept candidate re-elected over a candidate whose ability is beyond question, it saddens me that certain members in our local media have stooped to a new low: attempting to make an issue regarding the health status of mayoral candidate Ed McIntyre.

First of all, Mr. McIntyre is 70 years old. Frankly, were he not to have health-related problems at this stage of his life, it would be amazing. Having said this, I'll also say that if the voters were to penalize Mr. McIntyre for having health problems and fail to elect him, it would be Augusta's loss - not Mr. McIntyre's. I think a person's health history is between him, his physician and God. But that's just me.

Further, the fact that Mr. McIntyre received well over 1,000 votes more than Mayor Bob Young speaks volumes about the direction in which Augusta wishes to go. The choice is clear, and the time is now. Let's not allow random speculation from unfounded sources to rob the voters of an opportunity to improve itself and move forward.

As for all the rumors, if you're concerned about Mr. McIntyre's health, you should keep him in your prayers and try to uplift him, as opposed to trying to sabotage his campaign, right?

Mr. McIntyre spoke of God when interviewed on election night. Mr. Young did not. What does this say about Mr. Young's heart?

Let's elect Ed McIntyre mayor on Nov. 26. The choice is clear, the time is now.

The Rev. Dr. M. Allen Flowers, Augusta


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