Originally created 11/15/02

Rants and Raves

Comments from readers:

TO ALL MINISTERS out there: Please stay out of politics and stay in the pulpit.

THIS IS A RANT for the Augusta Housing Authority. When are you going to get off your tails and come out here and fix this rat problem we have been complaining about every day?

I WOULD LIKE to rant about the attendance at the Redcliff Elementary School PTO meeting. South Carolina schools are near the bottom of the list in the nation, and how can we expect any more when we parents don't care?

A RAVE FOR the elected officials. I hope our representatives represent all of us all the time and with fairness.

WE WENT TO THE FAIR, and it was absolutely great. The only complaint I had was that they should charge $1 instead of $2 to play those games. They would make more money that way.

MY RANT INVOLVES the U.S. post office. I mailed a package that weighed about 8 pounds and sent it insured from Augusta to Sacramento, Calif. Fed Ex could have done a better job.

THIS IS A RAVE for volunteer Bill Holley of the Augusta chapter of the American Red Cross. My daughter's leg was injured at the fair. Mr. Holley was responsible for her care at the fairgrounds. He was professional and thorough. Thanks, Mr. Holley.

THIS IS A RAVE for Mrs. Walker and Mrs. Wilson at Lake Forest Elementary School. I would like to thank them for the good things they do.

THIS IS A RAVE for the VA hospital, because it is free. We have already paid for our right to be there. The rant is for the shoddy service.

MY RANT IS ABOUT the recent election. I just hope the GOP and President Bush remember this is a democracy, not a dictatorship.

TO THE PERSON complaining about University of Georgia football getting coverage all the time and not Georgia Tech and Clemson: Start winning, and maybe you'll get coverage.

I LIVE IN Columbia County, and we are very proud of our government and school system. We are sitting back and laughing at you Augustans. Ed McIntyre is a known criminal, and you will still vote for him. Don't your children and you deserve better than that?


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