Originally created 11/15/02

Candidate has vision, experience

I am rebutting the Nov. 8 letter by William J. Welsh, M.D.: "Bob Young: The mayoral candidate with character."

Ed McIntyre is a man with vision and experience. He has demonstrated an ability to build alliances and instill harmony where there was once conflict. He's the kind of man Augusta needs as mayor, because he's willing to represent all people, all the time.

Mr. McIntyre provided the leadership to build the Augusta-Richmond County Civic Center. He provided the vision that led to Augusta's Riverwalk. He provided two railroad overpasses to ease congested traffic. When city employees were the lowest paid in Augusta, Mr. McIntyre gave them the best raise they ever received. Like any politician, Mr. McIntyre talks the talk but, unlike our present mayor, he also walks the walk.

Bob Young has given most of Augusta four years of stagnation. He's divided the city along racial lines, failed every opportunity to bring middle-income jobs to Augusta, allowed south Augusta to slip into ruin, and turned a blind eye to the city's poor.

His media buddies ignore these failures and continue to give Mayor Young undeserved praises. However, the truth is that Mr. Young has been a bad choice for Augusta. The city needs to grow and, sadly, he lacks the experience, vision, wisdom and political skills to deliver growth.

Augusta has never needed an experienced mayor with vision and compassion more than it does today. That mayor is Ed McIntyre.

If Augusta re-elects Bob Young, it will see four more years of stagnation and racial division. It will hear four more years of excuses for failed policies. And it will have to endure another four years of corruption, closed-door meetings, and good-ol'-boy politics.

My vote is for Ed McIntyre.

Robert A. Daniels, Augusta


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