Originally created 11/15/02

McIntyre has known hard times

I've been there, done that. Yes, I have been late with my tax payments and my power bills. My gas and water have been shut off before. Not because I didn't know or want to pay them, but I just didn't have it to pay at the time.

I consider myself a hard-working, honest person and feel we need a mayor for our city who has known hard times - like Ed McIntyre - but has the drive to make things better for everyone, not put them down because they have made mistakes and been late with payments. It takes a strong person to come from dark to light, from the cold to comfort.

So, let's do the right thing. Get out and vote for someone who's been there and done that on Nov. 26. Ed McIntyre is that person, and he's running.

Betty Jean Shirey, Hephzibah, Ga.

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