Originally created 11/15/02

Hilton is an exceptional teacher

Congratulations to Rebecca Hilton of Aiken Technical College and to John Spurrier of USC-Columbia on their selection as 2002 Governor's Professors of the Year for South Carolina. This exceptional compliment is fully deserved by both recipients.

Ms. Hilton is not just the first Aiken Tech recipient; she is the only Aiken Tech finalist for this highest honor awarded for teaching in South Carolina.

Aside from the very first recipient, she is the first recipient in the history of the award from either four-year or two-year institutions to have been selected in her first appearance as a finalist. In her case, she won in her first appearance as a nominee.

Rebecca Hilton is an exceptional teacher and leader. I have known her for 10 years and consider her to be the finest instructor of the essay I have ever known...

She believes that education is not a spectator sport - that it is an acquired thing, not a conveyed thing. She views her role not as being a mere conveyor of information but, instead, as being a facilitator of the learning process engaged in by her students. Her students acquire their grades the old fashioned way - they earn them...

Joseph P. Campbell, Augusta


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