Originally created 11/15/02

Mayoral race overshadows all else

Did you see the ballot? Not only was the touch-screen voting machine new, but also the legal jargon was gone. This meant an easier ballot to read with much less voter assistance from poll workers, no chads, no dimpled ballots and technology at the cutting edge. The 1970s technology was left in the dust.

Another item of interest was the school board race. Richmond County has a 1972 decree to desegregate the schools. The "no child left behind" program started in January, but Richmond County has an additional year of grace to bus students to another school if attending a low-performing school. All this was lost to the mayoral race where there is a runoff.

I was not running against the school board but for the school board, and the school board takes enough heat for things that appear to be fixable with a magic stick. What does this all mean? Well, much of what was brought out in the campaign, such as more technology in the classroom, may very well be incorporated into class activities.

Oh, well. There should be a next time to see what a candidate can bring to the table.

Robert Ingham, Hephzibah, Ga.


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