Originally created 11/07/02

Rants and Raves

Comments from readers:

THIS IS A RANT regarding the moron who refuses to pay $7 for his/her animals, stating that vet bills, food and taxes were too costly. It seems to me that this individual considers these animals as burdens, not pets, and it is this type of mentality which allows these poor animals to roam the streets. Pets are like children. If you can't take care of them properly, then don't have them.

HOW CAN TWO PEOPLE who live in the same house have to vote in two different precincts? We both registered to vote at the same time, went to vote at the same time, our registration cards have the same precinct information, but one of us had to vote in Precinct 101 and the other had to vote in Precinct 204. This did not seem right, but we voted anyway.

I WOULD LIKE to encourage the people of the CSRA to do a better job of welcoming the World Championship Barrel Racing competitors to our area. Every year the National Barrel Horse Association hosts its world championship at the Augusta Civic Center in October, and it is barely announced or celebrated. It is the second-largest draw to our community, second only to the Masters Tournament.

THIS A RANT for the person who called in and stated that people should be able to get the news on Saturday just like any other day. Someone suggested getting cable. Does this person know that there are many people in the CSRA who can't afford cable?

THIS IS A RAVE for the University of Florida for exposing the fraud of the University of Georgia. ... Hopefully now the paper will be more objective in its reporting of other college sports teams in the area.

DO WE HAVE to keep hearing about University of Georgia football now that the team has lost a game? You know, there are other teams in this area, such as Georgia Tech and Clemson. We are sick of hearing about Georgia in the wake of its loss.

THIS IS FOR THE PERSON who was complaining about people running for office and how the children shouldn't be able to watch TV because of the politicians. You have no right to open your mouth, because you just said that you don't vote and don't plan to vote. Until you start voting, you don't have the right to complain.


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