Originally created 11/07/02

Is columnist Pitts a traitor?

I think that columnist Leonard Pitts would be first in line to protest George W. Bush "stealing" the election from Al Gore or to protest the U.S. Supreme Court for overruling the Democrats' Florida Supreme Court's effort to hand Mr. Gore the presidency on a silver platter.

Do you think Bill Clinton or Al Gore are more humble than President Bush? Mr. Pitts mentions President Bush's message, "We don't need the world." Yet President Bush has done all he possibly could to enlist the world at the United Nations, but the other nations don't want to be enlisted. They haven't had a 9-11 other than Israel and, besides, they're never on our side anyway.

Does Mr. Pitts want to be blown off the map by a madman? Iraq is not the only evil we face, but we will have to deal with those other creeps later if they are pushed on us.

If Mr. Pitts is on Saddam Hussein's side, I think he should get off the planet by sundown or at least go to his friend in Iraq.

Sorry, but Mr. Pitts doesn't add up. He is acting like a traitor while still enjoying the fruits of this nation. Or is it just sour grapes? Get a box of chocolates and stuff them in your mouth, Mr. Pitts, and then shut up.

Harry Oliphant, Hephzibah, Ga.


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