Originally created 11/07/02

Corps spokesman answers critic

Regarding Earl Bradley's Oct. 22 comments concerning the persistent drought in the Savannah River Basin and, more specifically, my role in managing Lake Thurmond's lake levels:

For the record, I am chief of Public Affairs for the Savannah District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. In that capacity I am the public spokesman for the Corps. I report to the public on our efforts to manage our water resources during times of severe drought. I am not the individual who makes those management decisions.

I am personally offended by Mr. Bradley's pointed remarks about my "incompetence." To my knowledge we have never met, and given that Mr. Bradley doesn't even know my function within the Corps, I fail to see how he can judge the level of my competency.

I have many personal connections in Augusta from the years I lived there. I graduated from Augusta College. My wife's family, two of our daughters and many of our friends live in the area. Before casting stones, folks like Mr. Bradley might think about the hurtful effects they have - not only on the person being castigated, but their family and friends.

It might benefit Chronicle readers to know that in addition to my duties with the Corps of Engineers, where I have served for 27 years, I am also an Episcopal priest. I try hard to live an honorable and godly life in both my occupations and when I make mistakes, I try to own up to them. I hope Mr. Bradley will consider doing the same.

James N. Parker Jr., Savannah, Ga.


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