Originally created 11/07/02

Continental 'pig-in-a-poke' preferable

The Nov. 5 letter ("Pilot warns of Continental's service") from Leslie Dittmer-Boyle, a major airline pilot, exhorted the local flying community to view the start-up of Continental Airlines service from Augusta Regional Airport in a broader context - are we buying a "pig-in-a-poke?" The only problem is that there is no broader context for frequent travelers to and from Augusta, and that the current service is so deplorable that a pig-in-a-poke is an improvement.

I have flown into and out of Newark airport 76 times (yes, 76 - I counted) in the last two years - spring, summer, fall and winter. Delays at Newark are no better or worse than any major airport. When it snows at an airport, delays get longer whether that be Newark or Dallas. When it rains in Atlanta, delays go up. Our pilot says 40 minutes is not enough to make a connection at Newark. Well, 40 minutes is not enough at Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Denver and most major cities.

Let's give Continental a chance. They cannot be any worse than Atlantic Southeast Airlines, which regularly cancels flights and whose service from Atlanta to Augusta has caused many an Augusta area traveler fits.

From the tone of our pilot's letter, she must fly for Delta or Atlantic Southeast Airlines. They must improve their service or this flier will be using Continental.

John Miller, Aiken, S.C.


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