Originally created 11/07/02

Nation validates President Bush

Had there been any doubt left about the validity of George W. Bush's presidency, it was dispelled Tuesday. This so-called "selected" president put his prestige right on the line for more than 20 U.S. Senate candidates, including Georgia's come-from-behind winner Saxby Chambliss. Bush, defying off-year history, helped his party take back control of both houses of Congress.

Conventional wisdom ascribes the GOP success to Bush's combining his popularity as a wartime president with his heavy campaign schedule. True enough. But Democrats helped cut their own throats. They bad-mouthed the economy, obstructed Bush's programs, and demagogued Social Security. Voters rightly rebuked a Democrat Party totally bereft of persuasive ideas - one whose leadership was more concerned about protecting unions than protecting Americans.

One of the sweetest victories for Republicans was Max Burns' upset victory over Charles Walker Jr. for Georgia's 12th District U.S. House seat - a district drawn up largely by Charles Walker Sr. for his son.

Other sweet victories for the GOP, although they weren't unexpected, were Lindsey Graham's election to the U.S. Senate in South Carolina and Gresham Barrett succeeding to Graham's 3rd District U.S. House seat. It's a new day in Washington, too.


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