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Odds and Ends

EVERETT, Wash. -- Navy Ensign Troy Rose was proud to administer the oath of service to his son, even from half a world away.

From aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln in the Persian Gulf, Rose used a video and satellite link Monday to direct son Kory, 18, to raise his right hand and take the oath of service in the Navy.

The recruit was joined by mother Janel and younger brothers Tyler, 16, and Nick, 13, in a videoconference classroom at the local Navy base.

It was the first time the Rose family had seen each other, even from afar, since the aircraft carrier left port in late July.

The father initially reeled off too much of the enlistment oath for his son to remember and repeat, but they quickly recovered and completed the process.

"All right son, you're in!" Rose beamed.

"I'm proud of you," he said. "I wish I was there to give you a big hug. I'd embarrass you in front of everybody."

Janel Rose said she missed seeing her husband enlist more than 16 years ago. "Seeing my son follow in his steps is really special," she said.

* * * *

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. -- When a robber demanded cash from 7-Eleven cashier Cathy Harris, she made him work for it.

Harris dropped the cash drawer on the floor and told the thief to get the money himself.

"She told him, 'If you want the money, you pick it up,"' store owner Katie Nelson said.

The man, who was wearing a bandanna over his face and said he was armed, helped himself to $36 and left, but not before Harris tossed a stapler at him and hit him in the shoulder, Nelson said.

Nelson said she reprimanded Harris for her daring response.

"You're supposed to be scared, not angry," Nelson said. "I was concerned about her safety. She's a very brave person."

* * * *

OMAHA, Neb. -- The head of an excavation firm has thrown down the gauntlet.

Art Dore Sr., 66, is challenging his 60-something rival Virgil Anderson to a boxing match.

The two have feuded over city demolition contracts - in court and at City Hall - for months.

The stakes? If Dore loses, he promises Michigan-based Dore & Associates Contracting will not bid for business in the city of Omaha again. If Anderson loses, Dore will keep his hat in the bidding ring.

"This is the way that men are supposed to settle things," Dore said. "Is he a man or is he a mouse?"

Anderson, head of Omaha's Anderson Excavating Co., apparently is declining the offer. He would only say: "I'm just not going to play their games."

Dore is the founder of and announcer for the Original Toughman Contest, a traveling amateur boxing show televised on cable.

Dore, who boasts of coming up with the nickname for actor Mr. T, prepared two more monikers for the fight, just in case: "Demolition Man" Dore and "Bulldozer" Virgil.

* * * *

EVERETT, Wash. -- It didn't take sheriff's deputies long to figure out who might have stolen a van outside a grocery store in Clearview.

No sooner did they arrive at a suspect's house than the van pulled in behind them.

A clerk at the store had told police she saw a regular customer standing next to the van, Snohomish County sheriff's spokeswoman Jan Jorgensen said.

Deputies went to the woman's home and the van pulled in.

The man at the wheel immediately backed out and sped off until the van was stopped. He was captured after a brief chase on foot, Jorgensen said.


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