Originally created 11/06/02

Rants and Raves

Comments from readers:

THERE ARE so-called charities operating and targeting people in the CSRA who pocket most of the money for themselves.

THIS IS A GREAT BIG rave for Mayor Bob Young and the opening ceremonies of the Augusta Common and the building of the place. That was a great event.

THIS IS A RANT to the Shepeard Community Blood Center. You say that there is a low blood supply when I try to give blood. You deny me because I served in the military overseas in Europe. You should take all the blood you can get and test it. My blood may save someone's life.

BUSINESS PEOPLE came together on the Continental Airlines challenge and landed a major airline. Could this same group work toward landing some major industry? Why can't Augusta get a major car manufacturing plant and some high-paying jobs?

THIS IS FOR the people who don't like single women in the bars of Augusta. It doesn't matter, male or female. Everybody is single once they enter a bar.

APPARENTLY, POLITICIANS don't think they have to abide by the Georgia no-call law. The next one that calls me, I will be suing.

I DON'T THINK we need Dan Rather to tell us how to vote here in Georgia like he is trying to do.

I WENT TO the Augusta-Richmond County Civic Center for the first time the other night to attend a hockey game. There were throngs of hoodlums hanging out in the parking lot. And even though our car was parked under a streetlight, its antenna was snapped off. We will never go back.

SHAME ON THE DRIVER of the Ford Explorer that passed a stopped school bus that was picking up students.

I HAVE A RAVE for God. I want America to know that he is good. We all should ask God to bless Augusta, the CSRA and the country. We need him to lead us and keep us, so remember to pray for a better time and a blessed day.


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