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Men's collections come in pairs

Women are known to collect shoes. Men, it seems, collect jeans. More than half of jeans-wearing men own between five and 10 pairs, with Generation Xers owning the most, according to the retailer Old Navy, which conducted a survey of 500 men with the market research company RoperASW.

The jeans aren't collecting dust in the closet, either.

Most of the men said they wear jeans an average of four days a week. Favorite features of jeans include pockets, price, ruggedness and the machine-washable label.


Mondavi Cabernet bursts with body

The 1998 Mondavi Napa Cabernet Sauvignon from California is full of black currant and light layered hints of oak, which makes this a full-bodied wine, with many layers of dark fruit and herbs, for $30. The flavors come in stages and include smoky oak and blackberry spice. The finish is extremely tight and promises to open during the next few years. This wine is excellent now and will only get better through the years. Red meat, especially a roast or beef tenderloin with an extremely mild rosemary sauce, would pair well with this wine. The freshness of the herb will bring out the wine's flavors, especially the smoky and dark fruit notes.


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Actress Rebecca Romijn-Stamos (Femme Fatale) is 30. Actor Ethan Hawke is 32. Newswoman Maria Shriver is 47. Singer Glenn Frey is 54. Actress Sally Field is 56. Director Mike Nichols is 71.

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