Originally created 11/06/02

Serial-story comics wanted for older readers

Once again age is being pushed aside and this time it's The Augusta Chronicle doing the pushing. Older folks remember when comics were continuing stories like comic books or soap operas.

Sometimes adults would read the comic page aloud for the children. Mayor Fiorello H. LaGuardia of New York City used to read the comics on the radio on Sunday mornings.

Now, most comic strips have become cartoon strips with very little continuing story lines, but continuing characters. The beloved Peanuts and Snuffy Smith are examples.

Judge Parker and Rex Morgan are two of the four true comic strips carried by The Chronicle. The other two are For Better or For Worse and Baby Blues. Over the years, we've lost Lil Abner, Dick Tracy, Little Orphan Annie, Steve Canyon, Mark Trail, The Phantom and Prince Valiant, just to mention a few.

The Chronicle should try to keep some of both types, instead of converting to a total cartoon strip page. Young people are slowly being deprived of the experience of keeping up with something that doesn't give them instant gratification.

Betty Grimstead, Augusta


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