Originally created 11/06/02

Dog fees unfair to responsible owners

As a responsible pet owner I make sure my pets have their yearly checkups and shots. They are AKC-registered, do not run the streets and only go outside in my fenced yard when I go with them.

So, the city of Augusta wants to charge me a fee and have me microchip my animals because I am a responsible pet owner?

What are they going to do about the 12 or so dogs that run the street in my neighborhood whose owners don't care? Will animal control come and pick up those dogs and cart them to the animal shelter?

Do you think these people care? They will just go get another dog to replace that one, and responsible dog owners will be the ones paying to have that one picked up again in a few months when they get tired of taking responsibility for it. Imposing a fee and microchipping on responsible animal owners is not the answer.

Robin Hughes, Augusta

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