Originally created 11/06/02

Pay standards should apply to CEOs

The salaries of top corporate officers should be tied to the salaries of the workers they direct. It is hard to accept that the worker who produces a service or product should be asked to take a pay cut or benefit reduction, while CEOs are getting bonuses and stock options because the business is doing so well.

The costs are going down due to worker productivity increases, not managerial excellence.

Theft by deception and insider stock trading should be punished by confiscation of all profits from trade or sales. Pay at the top should grow at the same percentage as pay at the bottom.

Before the layoffs start, the board of directors should require that top managers cut their own pay by the same percent as what the managers propose for the workers.

Golden parachutes given to incompetents who run businesses into the ground need to end. Rules and standards need to be applied the same - whether you are an hourly-paid temporary worker or the CEO.

Paul Beck, Martinez, Ga.


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