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Question of the week

Q: Is there a local college, or any college, that could provide a person with more acting experience? Is there a college where they can go to be an aspiring actress or singer? - 16-year-old Thomson girl

A: Augusta State University, like many other colleges and universities, has a theater program, where young actors can hone their skills. The program stages several productions a year. The school also offers a music major through the Department of Fine Arts. Music students often give recitals and participate in concerts, both on campus and off. The University of South Carolina Aiken offers a fine arts major, which includes theater, art and music training, and a theater minor. Search the Internet for the Web sites of colleges you're interested in to see whether they have a theater program.

You also could get involved in local theater companies by auditioning for one of their productions. Check the calendars in the Applause entertainment section in The Augusta Chronicle on Fridays for audition listings. There are also several local chorale groups that have weekly auditions.

Here are the results from last week's question of the week:

Q: Who should be mayor of Augusta?

54 - Ed McIntyre

4 - Who cares? I'm not old enough to vote anyway.

3 - Bob Young

3 - Bonnie Ruben

2 - Robin Williams

0 - Bobby Ross


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