Originally created 11/05/02

Rants and Raves

Comments from readers:

A RAVE FOR the nice woman who turned in my watch at Wal-Mart. Thank you for being honest. It is refreshing to find good people in this mixed-up world.

JESSE JACKSON says that if we launch a pre-emptive strike against Iraq, we will lose all moral authority. I think Jesse should be the last person on Earth to talk about morals.

I WOULD LIKE to say thanks to The Augusta Chronicle for the daily Scripture and the thought-provoking quote in the paper each day. They brighten my day.

IF YOU ARE having hallucinations, you may not be going crazy. You may have retina disease, which I have. This can be fixed. Before you end up in a psychiatrist's office, have your eyes checked.

THIS IS IN response to the person who said that teachers don't have anything to do, that the teachers give the kids too much homework. I go to the schools every Friday and volunteer. I sit in classes, and I see kids who misbehave, probably because they are not disciplined at home, so the teachers spend most of their time keeping the kids under control. Then they have to give them homework so that they will meet the state standards. I think it is the parents who aren't doing their job. If they did that part, the teachers would have more time to do theirs.

IN REGARD TO the parents who think teachers aren't doing anything in the school system, the reason they assign so much homework is because students have only an hour a day to use the skills they are being taught. The teachers have much to do while they are at home, and it is unfair for parents to think teachers aren't doing anything.

BIRTHRIGHT OF Augusta would like to thank the person who left the baby clothes at the Birthright office door last weekend. There are angels among us.

I JUST READ the article in the Nov. 1 paper on Ronnie Few. Apparently, the man has moved on with his life, and we should move on as well. The man has done what he needs to do in Augusta and has moved on.

I AM SICK to death reading about Ronnie Few. Who cares if he is looking for a job in Michigan? Who cares as long as he doesn't come back here.


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