Originally created 11/05/02

Burk damaging to status of women

There was a time when the American woman was held in such high esteem that she was the envy of women throughout the world.

Unfortunately, women such as the National Council of Women's Organizations Chairwoman Martha Burk and the female sportswriters who found it necessary to invade the athletes' locker rooms to get the "whole story," have done much to lower that status.

Apparently Ms. Burk has never enjoyed friendships acquired through associating with other women in a sorority, a sisterhood, a church circle or a women's professional organization. Otherwise, she would better understand the comradeship among men who can enjoy friendly competition in a golf game while discussing their favorite subject matter on their own turf.

However, if Ms. Burk's motive is to seek male companionship, she will find it difficult to do so while forcing her way into a territory where she is not welcome. She would better serve the community by directing her energies toward some worthwhile project.

If she continues her effort to tear down the traditions of the Augusta National, she will lower her public image while doing an injustice to womanhood.

Helen Bolen, North Augusta, S.C.


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