Originally created 11/05/02

New bar laws not needed in Augusta

Those obsessed with falsely claiming that the synagogue on Broad Street is not a legitimate house of worship in an attempt to push special legislation to liberalize laws on bar locations seek to divert attention from the facts.

The southside 800 block of Broad Street has a Christian bookstore, a synagogue, will soon have the board of education - which will have programs at night featuring our students - and may even have a public library just across the street from it. Hardly an ideal location for a bar. It is already legal to open a bar in any qualifying restaurant in town - regardless of its proximity to a church.

Putting bars next to churches will not curb the recurring acts of alcohol-related violence downtown. That area is already saturated with drinking establishments. Adding more will merely result in a redistribution of profits among the different bars.

The proposition that the future of Augusta depends on liberalizing current bar laws is, thankfully, a myth.

Barry H. Bolgla, Augusta

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