Originally created 11/05/02

New coliseum would boost growth

I originally came from the Charlotte, N.C., area. When I was 16, I attended my first concert at the Charlotte Coliseum. It amazed me on entering the structure; it not only looked like the seventh wonder of the world, I had never seen so many people under one roof.

As I recall, there was a lot of opposition in Charlotte to the coliseum being built. Nevertheless, it got built. Charlotte, at that time, was a lot like Augusta; dormant, at a standstill, not realizing the growth potential at hand. I remember well how Charlotte's growth went out of control as a result of the coliseum.

It's time Augusta got out of the Dark Ages and realized how badly needed a coliseum is. What would be wrong with a coliseum bond issue? I, for one, would be so sure it would work, that I would invest my entire savings in bonds. Come on, Augusta. Let's get the show on the road.

Donald Gregory, Martinez, Ga.


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