Originally created 11/04/02

Rants and raves

Comments from readers:

I AM SICK and tired of my telephone ringing with recorded messages telling me who to vote for. They are as bad as telemarketers, or worse.

THIS IS A rant for the people who carry their sick children out to places such as Chuck E. Cheese's. I went there and there were a couple of children who were very sick. One little girl was coughing really bad and could hardly stand up. I think this is a bad way to take your child out.

THIS IS A rant for all those trigger-happy people who are in favor of the minister shooting the dogs that were outside of his fence. Those kinds of people are dangerous. They are likely to shoot a small child.

THIS IS A rant for the person who said Saturday is no different from any other day. They want news at 6 p.m.? Get cable. You can get news 24 hours a day.

THIS IS A rant for all Christians out there. Just because we let our children celebrate Halloween doesn't mean that we worship the devil or anything else that is evil. Dressing up and getting candy from our neighbors is a lot better than going to a church function and possibly getting sexually molested. I say mind your own business.

THIS IS A rant to University Hospital. What do you think will happen to those doctors who worked at the behavioral center that is closed? I know that there is some way that it could be kept open if they wanted to.

THIS IS A rant to the so-called country singers. Maybe Faith Hill could ride off on a trick pony into the sunset and Shania Twain would fall into Nickel Creek.

I JUST RECEIVED my tax bill, and I would like to rant about the money we spend for the lack of good service of government. There seems to be no end for the needs of our government. Surely, the elected officials can find a better way to spend our money.

THIS IS A rave for the column by Leonard Pitts. I think he is the best columnist in The Augusta Chronicle. He says the right thing at the right time. I really find his articles stimulating.

THIS IS A rant for The Augusta Chronicle. You ask people to write in with their opinions on certain issues, but you don't want to print the ones that you don't think need to be printed. I have sent in several and have not seen them. I guess you won't print this, either.

THIS IS A rant for Mr. Cook, who owns Silver Lining. He said he saw the type of people he wants to see at this First Friday. He just wants to attract wealthy Caucasian Augustans downtown. This was a snub to African-Americans.

THIS IS A rant. Halloween night was sad for many kids because in the Sibley Road area there were grown men snatching children's trick-or-treat bags and going to an empty lot and pouring the candy into their book bags. Someone needs to get a grip on their older children because they are making it very difficult for the little ones to enjoy the holiday.

I JUST READ the article in the Nov. 1 paper on Ronnie Few. Apparently, the man has moved on with his life, and we should move on as well. The man has done what he needs to do in Augusta and has moved on.

I AM SICK to death reading about Ronnie Few. Who cares if he is looking for a job in Michigan? Who cares as long as he doesn't come back here.

THE LAST TIME the civic center was sold out was when the Gaither Homecoming concert was here. Why weren't they invited back?

I DON'T REMEMBER reading anything in the Bible that gives Christians the right to criticize other people.


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