Originally created 11/04/02

Democrats a disservice to rest of us

In reference to the Oct. 12 letter by Paul Cook ("Do right: Vote Democratic ticket"), Mr. Cook said, "I have always proudly and intelligently voted for Democratic Party candidates ..." The first part of this assertion is undoubtedly true, but the rest is questionable - as is the general thrust of his letter. "Yellow dog Democrats" do the rest of us a great disservice by their actions, which are a result of ignorance, gullibility and a lack of critical-thinking skills on their part. ...

The Democrats are the party of sleaze and corruption. In this election cycle alone, their unethical political shenanigans in New Jersey, Missouri, Hawaii, Minnesota and elsewhere shows they will do anything to win, and that they see the law as but an impediment to be overcome. If you are an honest Democrat, if you have a moral sense, your party has long since left you. Your leaders are persons who are largely anti-American, and socialistic or communistic in their beliefs. They believe only they have a divine right to hold office in America. Many Republicans are former Democrats who have seen the direction their party has taken, and have left it.

The Democrats have no agenda other than getting elected, and no plan other than demonizing Republicans with their endless nonsense about Republicans wanting to destroy Social Security and Medicare. Their message is a mindless one of class envy that would make Karl Marx proud, and is designed to scare senior citizens into voting for them. It is all tripe, and a blatant attempt to appeal to the worst side of human nature for their own gain.

That's the way it really is ...

Robert Smock, Hephzibah, Ga.


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