Originally created 10/26/02

Rants and raves

Comments from readers:

AS I WATCH the World Series, I get tired of hearing the name Bonds. I don't see why they don't change the name of the team to Bonds. I hope the Angels win just to let Bonds know that he is not the only one who can play the game.

THIS IS A RANT to the person concerning the memorials out in south Augusta. Wait until you are a victim of a serious tragedy and see how you feel.

THIS IS A RANT about our government. They should try to set good examples for our citizens, but every election always turns out to be dirty, disrespectful and immature. Our country throws enough mud on the streets daily; do we really need our politicians to act as low as the policies they condemn? The United States won't be here for long if we don't come together.

THIS IS A RANT for Savannah River Site. Back in the spring, they offered incentives for early retirement for those who could retire with full pensions. Now they are looking to lay off people. Why can't they offer early retirement for people who want to retire by age 50 or under 56 with a reduced pension?

THIS IS A RANT to the Augusta Commission and all the people who approved the high salaries for high-ranking city employees who sit in rooms, shuffle papers and play solitaire on their computers. I think the people who got those raises should receive the same pay the senior citizens get paid for years of service.

THIS IS A RANT for the Augusta Probation Office. The fees charged when someone makes payments on a speeding ticket are ridiculous. Someone who has financial problems to begin with ends up paying three to four times the original amount of the fine. This is worse than title pawn.

I WAS GOING down Washington Road on a Thursday, and I was behind this green Yukon. The kids in the car had no seat belts on. The kids were hopping up and down in the back. I hope that she or one of her friends will see this and put seat belts on these kids!

MY RANT IS about the rude people on cell phones while they are being waited on at drive-throughs and other places.

Because we receive a number of comments and questions about The Augusta Chronicle, we use Saturday's Rants & Raves column to set the record straight.

THIS IS A RANT concerning the illiteracy of your staff. I noticed in your transcription I found a comma splice. You could at least get our language correct. A comma splice will get you an F in freshman English.

Copy Desk Chief Adam Smith replies: "Unfortunately, without specific information, I can't comment on the nature of the error you're pointing out. A good deal of copy goes through the copy desk each night, and, in our efforts to produce the best newspaper possible under tight deadlines, we do occasionally miss grammatical errors. If you find such an error, feel free to share it with us."

I WOULD LIKE to rant about The Augusta Chronicle. For about one month now I have at least one or two messages on my answering machine at home from the Circulation Department wanting me to subscribe at a low rate. I had a subscription and canceled it due to never reading the paper. I would like to ask do your employees not have anything better to do during the day than to call me every day? If I want to subscribe again, I'll look the phone number up in the phone book and call myself.

Circulation Manager Dave Phillips replies: "I'm sorry we weren't able to talk to you personally about our special offer. We've found that many of our former readers appreciate knowing of a special subscription offer when one is available. That's why we've left messages on your answering machine. If you'll call our office at 722-5620, we can code your phone number so that it's not dialed in the future."

WHY CAN'T YOU print in the paper where the winning lottery tickets are sold?

Night News Editor Glynn Moore replies: "There are hundreds or thousands of winning lottery tickets sold each day in the various drawings in our two-state area, in addition to those pulled in other states in joint lotteries such as Mega Millions or Powerball, so that would be a bit difficult. The location of sales has nothing to do with the numbers, anyway."


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