Originally created 10/26/02

Carter didn't deserve peace prize

Giving Jimmy Carter the Nobel Peace Prize makes me want to puke. He is probably the worst president the United States ever had. He gave away the Panama Canal, which was built by American ingenuity, bought and paid for by American taxpayers and is now run by Communist China.

He helped turn a peaceful, prosperous, white-ruled country like Rhodesia into a black-ruled shambles called Zimbabwe - where white landowners are robbed of their property and killed by black militants, who can't farm the land, and the people are left to starve.

He helped depose the Shah of Iran, a long-time friend and ally of America, and aided the fanatic religious leader of Iran, the Ayatollah Khomeini, to gain power and establish his vitriolic, poison-spewing mullahs to spread hatred of the United States throughout the Muslim world.

More harm is done by pious, "do-gooders" - like Jimmy Carter - than the world knows.

James Cline, North Augusta, S.C.


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