Originally created 10/26/02

Young the only one with clean record

Thank you for the Oct. 13 report from your staff writers Sylvia Cooper and Heidi Coryell Williams, "Candidates' pasts reveal brushes with law," (Metro). One might hope voters will be smart enough to keep the individuals with bad records out of political office.

Regarding the Augusta mayor's race, we already knew about the well-published brushes with the law of Ed McIntyre and Robin Williams. We discovered interesting information regarding the two new candidates: Bobby Ross, yet who wants to "fix" the city finances, has a history of bankruptcy, and Bonnie Ruben, who wants to clean up Augusta, yet was cited for "maintaining an unsafe building downtown," which caught on fire last summer.

Mayor Bob Young has a clean and honest record, he works hard and represents us well - despite limited power. He is undoubtedly the best and only person for the job.

Edouard J. Servy M.D., Augusta


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