Originally created 10/26/02

Vote for another Cox

Voters may be confused because there are two Coxes on the November ballot - one is Cathy (see above editorial) and the other is Kathy. Here's how to clear up the confusion: Vote for each of them; you can't go wrong.

Georgia is fortunate that it has two highly qualified candidates seeking to succeed Linda Schrenko as state superintendent of education, but we recommend KATHY COX. Cox has had 15 years of classroom experience and spent two terms as a legislator from the Atlanta suburb of Peachtree City, serving on the House Education Committee.

She knows plenty about the state's education problems and has made progress in her campaign calling for education leadership that's not tied to business-as-usual.

What we find particularly appealing is her emphasis on local control - and her empathy for teachers.

Let's elect this Kathy Cox, too.


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