Originally created 10/26/02

Re-elect Cathy Cox

The secretary of state's office is usually low-profile and unexciting, but that hasn't been true this election cycle. Since the Florida voting debacle two years ago, this office has been at the center of Georgia's electronic voting initiative to ensure that from now on every vote will be accurately recorded and counted.

Spearheading that massive reform, which involved putting state-of-the-art electronic voting machines in every county and working with local election boards to teach voters how to use them, is the incumbent secretary of state CATHY COX, whom we recommend highly for re-election. If there are foul-ups on election day, they won't be due to lack of leadership or effort on her part. She's tried to anticipate and deal with every potential problem.

But election reform isn't the only reason we urge this popular, engaging young politician be returned to office. Here are more reasons:

Cox fought to improve regulation of the cemetery and funeral home industries.

She understands that the sun doesn't rise and shine only on Atlanta - and that there are other communities where state agencies can locate and serve Georgians. To that end she undertook the largest decentralization in state history, relocating her largest operating division to Macon (where she also saved taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars in office fees).

She has also saved Georgia taxpayers millions of dollars expanding the program that makes deadbeat parents pay child support to include deadbeat students who won't pay back their loans.

Finally, if you still want more convincing before casting your vote for Cox, then check out her agency's Web site. It's been named the best in the nation by the Council of State Governments.

Let's reward all of Cathy Cox's efforts with another term on Nov. 5.


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